Shorkh kuh

    Shorkh kuh exploration area is located in 134 Km Southwest of Khousf, with about 23 km2 area. Structurally, this deposit is situated in the Northern part of the Lut block.
    • Mineralization
    • Iron (magnetite, hematite, limonite, jarosite and goethite) and copper (malachite, azurite and chalcopyrite) and gold.
    • Alterations
    • Propylitic, argillic, silicic and Fe-oxides.
    • Mineralization type
    • skarn mineralization, gossan zones, and sulfide silicic veins.
    • Exploration Actions
    • 1- Data gathering which are obtained by library studies, preparation geologic and topographic maps and other scientific reports.
      2- Processing satellite imagery to detect minerals, rocks, alteration and structure.
      3- Field studies and sampling.
      4- Creating geologic maps in 1:10000 scale.
      5- During the field observations, 80 rock samples were collected from the study area, and 13 thin sections were prepared and studied by Olympus polarizing microscope in the APEX’s lab.
      6- Creating geologic and alteration map in 1:2000 scale.
      7- Creating structural map in 1:2000 scale.
      8- Preparation and analysis of 34 samples by VANTA X-ray fluorescence (XRF) in the APEX’s lab.
      9- Magnetometers studies (55 hectares).
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