Geophysicists study the Earth’s interior through physical measurements collected at the Earth’s surface, in boreholes, from UAV, or from satellites. Using a combination of mathematics, physics, geology, chemistry, hydrology, and computer science, both geophysicists and geophysical engineers analyze these measurements to infer properties and processes within the Earth’s complex interior and explore for hidden resources. Noninvasive imaging beneath the surface of Earth and other planets by geophysicists is analogous to noninvasive imaging of the interior of the human body by medical specialists. According to geophysical maps, depth and slope of layers which contained mineral and consequently the drilling depth will be determined. Quality and accurate results is highly rely on the type of geophysical methods, properly designed network, necessary corrections, processing and final interpretation. Our experts have geological and also geophysical knowledge. So they will be present reliable results. Geophysical methods are used as the following:

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